Mesmerizing beauty of Auli

"The best view comes after hardest climb"

Auli is one of the best tourist attraction points in Uttarakhand. It is situated approx. 3050 meters above the sea level. "Auli bughyal" mean Meadow. Uttarakhand Tourism Departments conducts festival every year in this place.

How to reach: The near by airports are IGI airport,Delhi and Jolly Grant airport, Dehradun. Haridwar/Rishikesh and Dehradun Railway station are near by to this place. Yellow plate taxis are available from all above places.

My Itenarary(22nd Dec-25th Dec'17): 

Day1(22nd Dec): Actually it was Night 1 as we started our journey from Gurgaon, technology hub of north India, at 10:00 PM in a yellow plate taxi. The distance from Gurgaon to Auli is 16 hours.

We were aware of the fact that it's a long journey and hotels were very costly because it was Christmas week. So we decided to search hotels once we reach our destination.

Day2(23rd Dec): This morning, we were at Rishikesh. We all took a cup of tea and some breakfast. There was a dog, so we had some photos with that dog as well.

The temperature was around 12'C there. We kept on moving towards our destination. 

Devprayag: It is a pilgrimage destination which was on the way to Auli. 2 different rivers Alaknanda and Mandakini crosses each other at this place and starts flowing as 1 river known as Ganga. 

There was a school near by this place, children were coming out as it was lunch time. We had a photo with them too.

After crossing devprayag, we had lunch in a dhaba. Food and cleanliness both were good.
High mountains, clean roads and cool wind forced everyone to sleep, except driver. :D
At 05:40 PM, we reached Joshimath which is base for Auli and Badrinath tourists.
We all started searching for Hotel and fortunately, we got a Guest House(Dharamshala) @ 500 rs per night. We dropped our baggage in the single hall and went out for dinner.

Joshimath: Being a base destination, every amenity is available here.  From Quality food to cheap hotels, we found our restaurant. We had dinner @70/ p with full stomach.

Day3(24th Dec): We got ready to go to Auli and left guest house at 10:00 am. Due to less snowfall the road was opened to Auli, it took 30 mins to reach on the hill station. As soon as we were going up, views were getting awesome.

Ropeway is also available from Joshimath to Auli which takes 15-20 mins and gives you incredible views of beautiful location. It costs 300rs.

Auli is not what we thought, it's far amazing. Have a look at these pictures.

Day4(25th Dec): After spending 2nd night in dharamshala , we started moving back towards delhi with sweet memories of last 2 days we spent in Auli.

My Budget(Expenditure): Delhi = Joshimath(2 way) -> 14280 
                                                Joshimath = Auli (ropeway) -> 300 ₹(chair car)
                                       Hotel @ Joshimath -> 1000 ₹(2 nights @ Dharamshala)
                                       Dinner/Lunch/Breakfast-> 4000 

Looking for Cheaper budget(good for solo travelers): Here is what you can do-

  1. Catch express bus from delhi to haridwar (~250 ₹) or catch train for same route whatever is cheaper.
  2. Get another bus from haridwar to auli (~520 ₹)
  3. Get down @ Joshimath (because you might find cheap hotels in Auli) and search for any local stay or cheap price hotel/dharamshala (~500-1000 ₹)
  4. Take ropeway chair car to Auli (~300 ₹) (i guess this is 2 way price)
  5. Catch bus from auli to haridwar/rishikesh (~550 ₹)
  6. Get train/bus from haridwar to delhi (~250 ₹)
  7. Total ~2870 
  8. Rest all are your own expenses.

Thanks you for reading folks! Please share any feedback/query in comments sections.


  1. Thank you so much sharing details on Auli.. We are planning to visit Auli this year and this will certainly help. The pics are so amazing.

  2. Interesting read and nice photos. Maybe during our next Himalayas exploration, we should include Auli as well.

    1. Sure.. Hope my content would help you :)

  3. Nice info on on Auli. Been looking to travel on this region and looking forward to seeing it in person.


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